Preventative Dental Care

Cleanings For All Ages

The ADA recommends a child’s first dentist visit when their teeth start growing in, before their 1st birthday. Dentists can check for any problems with their teeth and advise you on how to care for their teeth. A pediatric dentist is recommended until the age of 2. From there, we can care for your entire family and ensure their cleanings are gentle and thorough. In addition to regular cleanings, we also offer deep cleanings or root planing, which removes extreme plaque buildup that causes advanced gingivitis.

Dental Exams

Exams are combined with every cleaning, not just on your first visit. It includes x-rays of your mouth, a screening for oral cancer, and periodontal charting.

Custom Athletic Mouth Guards

We take a personalized impression of your teeth to create the perfect fitting mouth guard. When used in athletic events, it aids the prevention of dental damage.

Custom Night Guards

If you clench or grind your teeth when sleeping, we distribute transparent night guards that prevent such actions. Without one, these actions can do intense damage and wear down your teeth, as well as cause jaw disorders.

Dental Sealants

A sealant is a transparent layer which covers the top of the teeth in the back of the mouth. It defends this vulnerable and hard-to-reach tooth from plaque and bacteria that can cause cavities. These are used primarily for permanent adolescent teeth because of their susceptibility to cavities.

Emergency Same-Day Dental Appointments

Call our office if you have an accident causing dental damage, need restorative care promptly, or have a dental infection (or abscess); we will schedule you an appointment the same day as your call!